[thelist] asp checkboxes help

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Nov 10 21:32:19 CST 2004


I would use a combination of John's suggestion and Jason's suggestion.

You need, absolutely, to verify the integrity of the data that's coming
across the wire *before* you put it into an SQL statement, otherwise you run
the risk of SQL injection.

So, I would use Split() to put the data into an Array. Then test each element
to ensure that it's a number. You can use Join() to put the data back into a
string again and place it into an SQL statement if everything's OK.
Otherwise, if some elements are suspect, you could either abort the entire
page -or- only use those elements that are valid.


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: Brian asked:
: > ...
: > How do I retrieve the multiple checkbox values if there is
: > more than one service?
: >
: > I am using asp, javascript.
: > any ideas??
: Brian,
:    If you need to process them one at a time, you can use the VBScript
: "Split" function to split the list into an array, then loop through the
: array. Untested, off the top of my head:
:    DIM serviceListArray
:    serviceListArray = Split( request("serviceid"), "," )
:    For Each serviceItem In serviceListArray
:       ' Do whatever you want with each item
:    Next

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