SV: [thelist] Enough security

Andreas Wahlin Andreas.Wahlin at
Thu Nov 11 08:39:19 CST 2004

<For the question "enough security?" I think I've posted some stuff on
that as
well. Security (and the amount of it) really depends on what you are
to protect against. All of the things mentioned above are about
unauthorized access to the web application (and through the application
the data store). There is nothing about protecting the Access database
itself against other types of access (directly off the file system). If
someone managed to use the FSO, or Explorer or similar to make a copy of
database, all the user's details are available since there is no
username/password protecting the database, and none of the data is
or hashed (as far as we are aware from your description).>

Thanks for the links btw, I already found some stuff but more is good
(especially if it comes reccomended).
Indeed, the database is in no way encrypted whatesoever, however,
database theft is more on the server admins shoulders right? I'll talk
to him just to be sure.

Thank you Ken for the good tips


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