[thelist] Sound in webpages

Andreas Wahlin Andreas.Wahlin at ufl.gu.se
Thu Nov 11 09:04:04 CST 2004

As far as I've discovered, there are three tags to play sound on
webpages (I'm not talking fancy flash or anything, but as basic HTML as
possible, driven by JavaScript where appropriate)


Where bgsound seems to be IE only, embed really driven by a quicktime
plugin and object basicly a windows media player plugin. 
Embed sees to be the easiest cross platform solution, requiring only
what seems like a fairly easy install of a quicktime plugin that
most/all browsers support. I've found one problem though, konqueror
won't get rid of the little player gui, even if I set hidden to true.

Is embed the best and simplest cross browser/platform solution, or is
there something else?
What I want is to simply play midi, wav and if at all possible mp3 files
and change the files being played with javascript.

Any ideas?


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