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raditha dissanayake jabber at raditha.com
Thu Nov 11 10:39:33 CST 2004

bubba wrote:

>Why not use Flash? This functionality can be achieved with v4 of the
>plug-in, and, if the stats are to be believed, everyone and his mother has
>v4 or better installed. This would work if you're happy loading the sounds
>embedded in SWF files, of course. An advantage of Flash is that you're able
>to display loading progress too, should you wish
My mother has not even heard of flash. And i pointedly click the cancel 
button whenever I come across a site with flash and the plug in auto 
installer starts :-)

>Where bgsound seems to be IE only, embed really driven by a quicktime plugin
>and object basicly a windows media player plugin. 
>Embed sees to be the easiest cross platform solution, requiring only what
>seems like a fairly easy install of a quicktime plugin that most/all
>browsers support. I've found one problem though, konqueror won't get rid of
>the little player gui, even if I set hidden to true.
Konqueror is a pretty decent browser but when you consider that 
"everyone and his mother" uses mozilla or firefox on linux I think you 
need not worry too much about it.

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