SV: [thelist] Sound in webpages

Andreas Wahlin Andreas.Wahlin at
Thu Nov 11 10:38:15 CST 2004

<Why not use Flash? This functionality can be achieved with v4 of the
plug-in, and, if the stats are to be believed, everyone and his mother
v4 or better installed. This would work if you're happy loading the
embedded in SWF files, of course. An advantage of Flash is that you're
to display loading progress too, should you wish.>

>From the beginning, the idea was that you shouldn't require anything
else than a browser (without addons), but as time progressed more stuff
got into the project and I suppose a quicktime plugin is every bit as
intrusive as a flash install so there's no real difference ... Hmmm, so
then I'd have to learn flash :) know nothig about it at all. Would it be
easy for a complete beginner like myself to add sound capabilities with
flash, or does it require moderate time consumption to get into?


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