[thelist] Learning JSP online or classes

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Thu Nov 11 16:48:24 CST 2004

Jono wrote:

> Does anyone have a recommendation for learning JSP by means of online 
> classes?  Has anyone taken an online JSP class and found it to be helpful?

I haven't taken any, but if classroom instruction suits your
learning style, you should definitely pursue that. There must be
plenty of colleges around with "continuing education" programs,
or commercial training companies. Have you looked on java.sun.com
for links to training? Or even call your local Sun office.

> So, if your a JPS programmer, how did you learn?  Any insight, and/or 
> recommendations are greatly appreciated.

I just pick stuff up as I go, though I wouldn't claim that's always
the best approach.

My initial recommendation would be to just install the latest 1.4.2
JDK and Tomcat 5.0.28 and start looking at the included examples.
And get on the Tomcat-users mailing list. Moderately busy, and a lot
of it won't make any sense at first, but it'll help :-)  I haven't
run across any JSP/servlet-specific mailing lists, though there are
various forums. Oh, and the jakarta-taglibs-users list is good, and
taglibs are wonderful for getting usable apps out more quickly.

Just try stuff and use Google -- you make a change in a JSP and oops,
got an ohCrapWhatNowException? -- copy, paste, click, someone's almost
certainly already been there and asked about it online :-)

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