[thelist] Developer Resource Sites

Courtenay court3nay at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 19:24:43 CST 2004

i do mostly js/css tomfoolery so quirksmode.org   :) is invaluable. 
but that's not a "developer resource" site more of a reference, along
with regexp.info, php.net, macromedia.com, et al.

evolt.org  (o'course)
safari.oreilly.com ($$ but worth 10x what you pay)
in fact *.oreilly.com

and a massive rss feed of all the "personalities" out there, from
tantek to dave shea, zeldman and everyone in between.. google is
definately my friend here.  bloglines is also my friend.

On Fri, 12 Nov 2004 00:43:47 -0000, Jamie Lewis <evolt at eyota.net> wrote:
> So whats everyones favourite developer resource sites?  i.e. sites like

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