[thelist] Obscure: WordStar2000 file

PJ palyne at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 23:50:36 CST 2004

One of my clients co-authored a book related to psychic research with
a notable Russian scientist who was, alas, killed by a passing train
one day. The scientist had the draft and my client has a copy of the
file but it is in the rather archaic Wordstar 2000.  My client is
desperate to get it into some format she can work with so she can get
it published but we don't have any kind of s/w to even open it let
alone translate.

Is there anybody who would know how a file for that program could be,
at the least, converted to plain text?  (At best, to something like
OpenOffice/Word format, but even just getting it OUT of the rather
encrypted proprietary format would be great.)

Many thanks in advance if so.

(No jokes about how if someone were REALLY psychic, I'd already know
this answer. ;-))


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