[thelist] Apache2 + MySQL4 + Win2k3

Michael Pemberton evolt at mpember.net.au
Fri Nov 12 06:33:59 CST 2004

I know this has probably been asked before, but here goes....

Are there any issues I should look for when I start moving my existing 
php4 code over to my new php5 environment?  Most of the code is simple 
MySQL interface work with a bit of PDF generation using the PDFlib 

The exsting setup is also running apache 1.3, so if there are any tips 
on what to look out for in my move to apache2, that would also be 


<tip author="Michael Pemberton" type="Error messages">
When writing code that is to be used by others, take a bit of time to 
consider the error messages that are displayed.  This is possibly the 
last thing that you are thinking about when you are coding your project, 
but it is the first this that comes to light when the project starts 
being used by outsiders.

Too many scripts are left with simple "Something went wrong" error 
mesages that are hard to explain over the phone and are even harder to 
debug from a distance.

If you know what might cause a problem, try give more detail in the 
error message.

I apologise if the above tip is something that most of you guys already 
take for granted, but I am in the middle of a project that involves 
rolling out servers on a large scale.  The most common error is a simple 
"Invalid Function" error being thrown by a VB script.  The cause?  That 
the hard drive has not been partitioned correctly. Nice and logical... :)
Michael Pemberton
evolt at mpember.net.au

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