[thelist] RegExp in ASP for validating e-mail and URLs?

Alex Beston alex at deltatraffic.co.uk
Fri Nov 12 06:36:17 CST 2004

Peter Bornhall wrote:

> Hi Alex!
> I'd be happy for any help you can offer!


> Is your extensive work anything you feel you want to share?  It's not 
> for any sort of commercial use though, so I'm sorry to say that there 
> is no money involved...
Not really - if you want my help it would have to be on a personal basis 
rather than on the world basis which is what evolt is. not many people 
will want to help you because it looks like your writing yourself a 
email collector. what do you need it for? if its for some nefarious 
activity you can get lost but it seems you want it for something else. 
what? when you say not "commercial" will it be use by commercial 

Mail me today with your requirements and what you intend the code to do 
and I'll be happy to offer my time as a favour.


Alex Beston
Business Director
Tel: 01273 691234

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