[Fwd: Re: [thelist] Apache2 + MySQL4 + Win2k3]

jsWalter jsWalter at torres.ws
Fri Nov 12 16:08:46 CST 2004

Michael announced:


> Are there any issues I should look for when I start moving my existing
> php4 code over to my new php5 environment?  Most of the code is simple
> MySQL interface work with a bit of PDF generation using the PDFlib
> extension.
> The exsting setup is also running apache 1.3, so if there are any tips
> on what to look out for in my move to apache2, that would also be
> appreciated.

#1) Best install and config for Apache, MySQL and PHP, hands down...


#2) Using this method, I had no issues going from Apache 1.x to Apache 2.x

#3) I haven't gone to PHP 5 yet, so I can offer no help there.
    The above link talks about PHP 4, but (in theory) PHP 5
    should behave the same.
    (It's on my list to do!)

#4) We use fPDF for PDF generation. It solved some issue we had with

I know, not exaclty what you were asking for. But I thought it might be of
some help.


Taking it to the next level.

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