[thelist] Sound in webpages (refocus)

Andreas Wahlin Andreas.Wahlin at ufl.gu.se
Fri Nov 12 08:09:44 CST 2004

It's nice to see that so many people began to discuss this, and promptly
pointed out that generally sound in webpages actually suck. I'm
completely aware of this, and normally I'd have nothing to do with it.
However, this is a special case and to bitch a bit just one person (I
think) actually touched upon my question; HOW to do it. Not meta
discussions about whether to do it, but how.
Flash was suggested, and I'm grateful for that. In a way, people pushed
for flash rather than javascript, but some other stuff already depends
on javascript, so I'd still like a HTML/JavaScript solution if possible.
Now, is there no better way than QuickTime plugin and <embed /> tags?
(I don't mean to sound surly or anything, just a bit strict)


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