[thelist] RegExp in ASP for validating e-mail and URLs?

Alex Beston alex at deltatraffic.co.uk
Fri Nov 12 08:17:40 CST 2004

Joshua Olson wrote:

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>>evolt is. not many people will want to help you because it 
>>looks like your writing yourself a email collector. what do 
>>you need it for? if its for some nefarious activity you can 
>>get lost but it seems you want it for something else. 
>>what? when you say not "commercial" will it be use by 
>>commercial organisations?
>I'm not sure that what you said is 100% accurate.  
sure. i was a little annoied this guy said "care to share with the 
group" and hasnt responded to a private mail offering help.

i think the idea is that he gets the help via his payment of insisting 
that its "shared". everyone wins and he does too.

sorry feeling highly cynical today.

FWIW, I wrote an interesting program that crawls the net collecting urls 
& mails but i had no interest in spamming. took me about 1 month to 
write and it bascially had a stack and an assortment of regexp's. if you 
wanna check it out, mail me and I'll send over the code but its fairly 
simple, so I wouldnt bother.

I may go back to it and improve it as im very interested in graphs and 
graph theory and applications. sending someone a mail they never asked 
for *and* selling them something or other like a pill or sex improver 
isnt really my bag. So why does this guy from sweden want a "@" finder?



>In my case, the reason I
>didn't chime in was because of the question itself.  A quick googling of
>"URL Regex" and "Email Regex" provides a large number of answers to the OP
>questions.  I just figured somebody would beat me to the punch so I took a
><tip type="Answers" author="Joshua Olson">
>Always... always.... always try searching for your own answer before posting
>something to a public help list.  Google is a great place to start.  If you
>do find an answer on Google and think it'll be useful, save it for a tip or
>post it right then as a "Freebie".  Lastly, just because you've posted a
>Freebie don't think that you have credit on your account to post wildly
>off-topic messages.
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