[thelist] Importing data to a new MySql database.

Julia julia at juliadesigns.net
Sat Nov 13 06:25:27 CST 2004

In my ongoing quest to produce an accessible, validated website, I have 
been looking at a links directory I maintain on my site. It runs on 
opensource software using php and a MySql database.
Unfortunately, the application is no longer maintained by the original 
developer, and the code is rather old, and doesnt get anywhere near 
validating in any doctype, despite erroneous claims to the contrary by the 
software developers.
The current app can be found here:
I am therefore thinking of moving my links directory to another 
application, and my question is this:
Is it possible to import the data from this existing database, to a new one 
that will be created for the new software? and if so, how exactly do I do it?
The database currently has about 400 records, so is not huge, but it would 
take some time for me to populate the new database by hand, which I am 
reluctant to do, unless absolutely necessary.
I am comfortable modifying php files if given full instructions, and can go 
into PhpMyAdmin to do stuff with the database under the same guidance, but 
other than that, dont really know anything else about php and MySql.  Yes, 
I know I need to learn more about it, and it is on my to-do list :-)

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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