[thelist] Importing data to a new MySql database.

Julia julia at juliadesigns.net
Sat Nov 13 15:40:25 CST 2004

 > Mark Groen wrote:
 > There are a number of ways to do it, among them dumping out the old
 > data into a csv file and then importing it in
 > Tim wrote:
 > Also, as you mentioned that you are planning to learn some PHP, have
 > you considered that a good place to start might be to modify the
 >  software to give you the valid HTML output you require?

Thank you both for your replies.
I have been having a look at both apps databases in phpMyAdmin, and of 
course the table structure is different in both, so the data from the old 
app will need to be modified before it can be imported into the new one. I 
have already exported the data to a CVS file as suggested, so I reckon my 
next step is to go to Excel and see how they can be synchronised, before 
import. With regard to modifying the original software, I honestly dont 
think I would know where to start.  It is basically a mass of nested tables 
and unencoded ampersands, the manipulation of which is way above my pay 
grade at the moment.
The current directory uses phpLinks Version 

I am hoping to move to cpDynaLinks, made by Media Netrix 
Ltd  http://www.cplinks.com/cpdynalinks/index.html

Any further thoughts/ideas are always welcomed.

(the resource in question)

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