[thelist] CSS - Making a column in table emphisized

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Sat Nov 13 20:59:32 CST 2004

Message from Brian Reaves (11/13/2004 03:23 PM)
>I am trying to use CSS to make the 3rd column (not the th but td rows) on 
>(http://alabamamosasaur.info/individual_images/) italic.
>This doesn't seem to be working:
>table#allImg tr td td td {
>   font-style: italic;
>   }
>Any ideas?

I know I'm taking your topic somewhat off track, but to answer your 
question specifically, can you apply a class to the cell(s) in question? I 
know it'll add some bytes to your code but it'll certainly be the most 
widely supported solution.


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