[thelist] CSS - Making a column in table emphisized

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Sat Nov 13 21:34:44 CST 2004

Message from Hassan Schroeder (11/13/2004 10:18 PM)
>M. Seyon wrote:
>>>The latest version I have is 5.5/Win, and it apparently doesn't; in
>>>fact it seems to be white-space sensitive, so 'td + td + td' results
>>>in all cells being italic, where 'td+td+td' results in none of them
>>>being changed. Ick.  :-)
>>Strange. I also have IE5.5/Win and it doesn't support this, whitespace or 
>>Also both these pages seem to suggest it isn't supported:
>>Interested in seeing how you got it to work.
>Sorry, I'm saying it doesn't work, and it doesn't work two different
>ways :-)  In the 'td + td + td' scenario all *columns* are italic,
>the style is applied to *all* TDs, in the 'td+td+td' none of them
>are -- as if it doesn't recognize a TD is being specified at all...

Sorry, I misunderstood. Still interesting though, as for me 'td + td + td' 
renders the same as 'td+td+td' - no italics at all.

Further, it appears that this also hasn't been corrected in IE6 for Win. 
Using a class may be the simplest alternative.


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