[thelist] Importing data to a new MySql database (getting nowhere fast!)

Julia julia at juliadesigns.net
Sun Nov 14 06:43:49 CST 2004

 >  The current directory uses phpLinks Version 2.1.2 

 >  I am hoping to move to cpDynaLinks, made by Media Netrix 
Ltd  http://www.cplinks.com/cpdynalinks/index.html

Ok I concede defeat. I expect it is easier when you know what you are 
doing  :-(
I spent the whole of yesterday crawling around phpMyAdmin, exporting data 
to CVS files, oepning them in Excel, dropping tables in the old database 
that werent used in the new one, but am getting exactly nowhere.
Finally I decided to try and do it bit by bit, and was just concentrating 
on the categories table, where the only fields that matched are id and 
category. I dumped these to a CVS file, and attempted to import them into 
the new database using both the import data from textfile method, and 
copying data from one table in one database to another database.
I keep getting syntax errors, the relevant one being:
     Error: 1058 SQLSTATE: 21S01 (ER_WRONG_VALUE_COUNT) Message: Column 
count doesn't match value count
Unfortunately I dont seem to be able to find out how to correct this 
presumably rather fundamental error, so am at present, stuck.
Do I take it that I am trying to do things that are too far above my pay 
grade at the moment???


(the resource in question)

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