[thelist] Importing data to a new MySql database (getting nowhere fast!)

Robert Gormley robert at pennyonthesidewalk.com
Sun Nov 14 09:54:13 CST 2004

>      Error: 1058 SQLSTATE: 21S01 (ER_WRONG_VALUE_COUNT) Message: Column
> count doesn't match value count
> Unfortunately I dont seem to be able to find out how to correct this
> presumably rather fundamental error, so am at present, stuck.
> Do I take it that I am trying to do things that are too far above my pay
> grade at the moment???

Your statement will be something like this:

INSERT INTO table (col1, col2, col3, col4) VALUES ('val1', 'val2', 'val3',

Except that's what's wrong - the number of columns referenced doesn't match
the number of values you supply. Email me offlist if you wish, will be happy
to help you.


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