[thelist] hardware or software issue.

evolt at mccullough-net.com evolt at mccullough-net.com
Sun Nov 14 10:47:52 CST 2004

I'm reinstalling Debian in a server that is in my home office, yes I built it
myself.  I'm at my wits end.  When I download, load from a cd the files are
always corrupt.  If I take the har drives out and install in another machine I
can install without any issue.  I've done CD install from CD-RWs, CD media
purchased online, Network installs, all of them fail due to files being
corrupt.  BTW I'm attempting the Debian network install, and I get through
network setup and get to dowloading the base system and it tries to exand and
it fails.

Steps that I have taken.
Replaced the controller cables for HD
Replaced the HDs, also using them in another machine they work fine.
Replaced the onboard IDE controller with one for an IDE slot
Installed the software using another harddrive in another machine, which worked,
and is what the server has been running on.

My thoughts is the motherboard itself, but not sure.

Please any help would be appreciated.

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