[thelist] User perception

Sarah Sweeney mr.sanders at designshift.com
Mon Nov 15 08:45:28 CST 2004

> Now, is this always so? Is it impossible to make it so that everyone
> follows and read instructions? The bulk of the users seem to get
> everything just fine, but there are exceptions. 

I have the same problem. I maintain a site with a CMS. Several people 
have accounts as "content managers" and for the most part have no 
problems logging in, except for an apparent blindness when it comes to 
the "password reminder" link. Other people can add/edit content by 
"logging in" as guests, then submitting content for approval. I get 
emails on an almost daily basis for people saying the system told them 
they don't have an account; this message goes on to say that they can 
"login" as a guest, and yet this part of the message is constantly 
ignored. I have half a mind to use the <blink> tag to make sure people 
notice the instructions. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that there is no 
fool-proof (pun intended) way to fix this problem :(

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