[thelist] RE: switch from IE to Firefox?

Richard Harb rharb at earthling.net
Mon Nov 15 23:40:17 CST 2004

Since you seem to be spending quite a lot of time exploring the web I am
surprised you didn't already switch to Firefox.

The only warning that comes to mind: If you are among those believing in the
infallibility of Microsoft doing the best job anybody ever can do then you might
be in for a surprise ...

Seriously: download it, get a feel for it - and then check what extensions you
might want to enhance the browser even more for you needs (my personal
favourites there: Adblock, Web Developer, Mouse gestures, ... and a few more).

I never ever fire up Internet Explorer unless I absolutely have to. And that's
usually only when checking the layout for a page I am developing - because
unfortunately enough people still use that permanent security hole that
masquerades as a useful application (tm by a slashdot poster).


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Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004, 5:19:26 AM
> I'm considering the experiment of switching from Internet Explorer to 
> Firefox by Mozilla.

> Before I download this free browser, are there any comments, warnings, 
> advice I should heed?

> Any input appreciated.

> I tried Netscape Navigator for a few minutes and disliked it. It was 
> packaged with my computer, along with other useless items like AOL and Adobe 
> Acrobat.

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