SV: [thelist] RE: switch from IE to Firefox?

Jono ox4dboy at
Tue Nov 16 08:19:29 CST 2004

This site mentions a few things about accelerating Firefox, but its 
focus is on the Mac version.  It's short, but there are a few links 
that lead to some other info.  These same tweaks might be able to be 
applied to the Windows version too?

I googled "OS X + G5 + Firefox + Optimized" so maybe try changing it to 
"Windows + XP + Firefox + Optimized"

On Nov 16, 2004, at 5:22 AM, Andreas Wahlin wrote:

> I'd say that FF is actually slightly slower than IE, that doesen't stop
> me from using FF (almost) exclusively though!
> I suppose you're on a pretty fast line, in that case there are some
> modifications that can be done to the FF "registry". Like changing
> pipeline and nglayout, google for it or hope that someone picks this up
> and posts some good solid comments rather than my off the top of my 
> head
> ranting.

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