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Robert Gormley robert at pennyonthesidewalk.com
Wed Nov 17 05:28:14 CST 2004

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> Honestly, I don't exactly know why when that little monster Adobe Acrobat
> starts running, and I click on "Decline", but it won't respond to
> "Decline",
> and keeps trying to run on my system, I don't know why that happens.
> Is it the fault of my IE browser? Maybe. I don't know.

Yes, it is. When you don't have the plugin installed, ActiveX calls the
installer. You hit cancel, the browser re-renders the page, realises the
plugin isn't installed, rinse and repeat. Anything which relies on this
install method is liable to act the same.

> Adobe Acrobat "useless"? To me it is. Many files that don't seem to be all
> that big are formated as PDF. I don't know why. It reminds me of the
> insistence on HTML email newsletters.

What has size got to do with it? You seem to be ignoring the purpose of
Acrobat. It's a format for ensuring that the printed output matches the
on-screen output. Because HTML certainly can't do that.

> Like I said, there may be good purposes for PDF, and it may have some good
> qualities for printing massive text files. I don't deal with massive text
> files, so I have no experience with this issue, or what a good
> alternatives
> to PDF.

See above. Why is there a belief that it's suitable only for 'massive text

> Unwanted, persistent PDF files act almost like a virus.

Except for the replication and except for the damage, you mean?

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