[thelist] RE: Adobe bashing

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Wed Nov 17 12:10:36 CST 2004

> 1.  What once was quick is now slow.  It used to be that the
> Reader would
> open a file almost instantly.  Now, there is a mandatory
> pause of at least
> 30 seconds to open the first file.  Even more if viewing it within IE.

> 5.  System Lockups.  I still don't know why the entire system
> grinds to a
> halt when Acrobat Reader loads up.  Completely asinine.

> Bottom line, I wish they'd roll the clock back and give us a
> reader that is
> under 200k and that opens up nearly instantly for most
> plain-jane files.

I agree. Does anyone have an alternative? A PDF reader that is fast and that
works well?


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