[thelist] question about server side technology/rotating header

bgilbertnc at mindspring.com bgilbertnc at mindspring.com
Wed Nov 17 19:10:55 CST 2004


we are building a site in Dreamweaver and are considering what to use for the back end server application. I have several question since I am a novice in the back end programming side of things.

1) Do you have to only use one technology? (CF, PHP, ASP, ASP.net etc.). We are considering CF to access and display database information since we are already using DW, but I may also one to incorporate a rotating header using PHP, and a calendar program which uses PHP. 

2) With the rotating header, I know it can be done using javascript as well. I am looking to have a different image upon browser refresh or new page entry. Would this be an o.k solution on a large site? (several hundred pages)

thanks in advance,


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