[thelist] Getting results of on-line employment app to client

Dan Leonard dan at canopyroad.com
Wed Nov 24 19:22:50 CST 2004

marc wrote:

> 1. Why can't the PDF be encrypted and emailed to the recipient?

I didn't realize this could be done. So if I understand you correctly, are
you suggesting a PDF form that the user would fill-out online and when
submitted, would be encrypted and mailed to my client's organization? That
would simplify things greatly.

> 2. If the application is being accessed via a browser rather than in an
> email, why do you even need a PDF anyway? Is the formatting that fancy
> that it can't be styled with plain ol' HTML/CSS

Hmmm...you're right. When we first began this project, we were thinking
we'd email the application data to the HR employee. My client's mail
server was configured to not accept HTML emails, so we decided on the PDF
conversion. Then we realized there would be sensitive information
contained in the application data, so we switched over to the idea of
accessing via a browser. Somehow, the PDF conversion idea just got stuck
in my head.

> Presumably the data in the database will also be encrypted otherwise
> what's the sense in worrying about safeguarding the email.


>>5. HR employee saves or prints out PDF version.
>>6. Set up separate admin page for HR employee to search database by
>>applicant name and then delete that applicant's data.
> Just for the conversational aspect of it. After you've accomplished your
> task how often do you take that one extra "clean-up" step? Like putting
> the toilet seat back down. Or refilling the ice trays.
> In other words, step 6 isn't a good idea because the employee's objective
> has been fulfilled at the end of step 5. If you really want the data
> deleted it should be done automatically. That's why those Mission
> Impossible thingies self-destructed after delivering their message.

You're absolutely right on that. I'll automate that process.


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