[thelist] Where to go for good JBoss help?

Chris Johnston fuzzylizard at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 13:16:08 CST 2004


I am trying to create a J2EE application that uses JMS and am running
in to some major problems. I have tried looking for help on the JBoss
forums, on Google and on Google Groups and the amount of useful
information for JBoss is rather pathetic.

Does anyone know of any good J2EE and/or JBoss forums with
knowledgeable people who don't mind answering newbie questions? Or is
JBoss some kind of cult where you are only allowed to know the answers
once you have hand crafted no less than a 1000 entity beans?

I just have to say that the J2EE and JBoss community just sucks!!!!!
And the documentation for JBoss is even worse. Where are the documents
on best practices for creating J2EE applications as they relate to a
JBoss specific implementation?????

chris johnston


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