[thelist] Remote PC Program/ADSL recommendations?

Tony Page zamba at zamba.com
Mon Dec 6 00:50:59 CST 2004

Thanks for all the recommendations about ADSL in the UK. 

I checked out all suggestions and decided to go with zen.co.uk as being most
suitable for my needs (and offering the Netgear router I wanted to protect
my mother from the nasties).

On the whole, the various websites were reasonably put together and apart
from the glitch of not accepting foreign credit cards straightforward and
efficient to use, bar that annoying habit of having to go through most of
the sales process to arrive at a final costing. Confirmation of order,
provision of tracking url etc from Zen arrived promptly, but I await my
mother's phone call to tell me the invoice has arrived as promised.

I've noticed that several UK-based websites do not accept credit cards where
(1) the card is not from the UK, and (2) the card address is not the same as
the shipping address (eg Dell). While appreciating the need for security,
this seems a little old-fashioned in the age of globalisation. 

I might add that I have had no problem ordering whisky supplies for my
mother from Oddbins in the UK, and they were delivered promptly, so some
people have grasped the global marketing nettle...

Merry Christmas,

Tony Page

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