[thelist] CDO and Windows 2003 Server

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	For what it's worth, 
http://aspdll.com/com/category.asp?id=1 has a list of free and
commercial email COM objects.

	For .NET, you can check 

http://aspdll.net/net/default.aspx?catid=1 (although aspNetEmail is
unquestionably the best).

	I realize that the original poster wasn't asking for component
recommendations, but since someone brought it up, I figured it would be
good to provide a bit more info.



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> If you cannot get CDO to work out, Persists has a free component for 
> sending emails that works very well:
> http://www.persits.com/

Be careful with that one, it's only free if you don't need to use any of

the "premium" features: http://www.aspemail.com/premiumfeatures.html

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