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Mike Maughan mike.maughan at procuratum.com
Mon Dec 6 15:02:25 CST 2004

Hey guys,

Can no-one help me here?

Regards, Mike
Mike Maughan

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Subject: [thelist] Linux hosting advice, please

Hi All:

I'm looking for advice/guidance on remote Linux hosting so I can do the following:

1) load and host wikis
2) load and host issue tracking tool/s etc.
3) host active web space

I could add a local Linux server here on broadband but I've concerned about bandwidth and frankly don’t' feel I know enough about security etc.

I'm looking at either remote server in a hosting environment (physical box) or a virtual version of same.  I need to be able to manage the server instance to ensure reliability and I'd like to be able to look at failover facilities once the sites get off the ground.

I've seen rates quoted as low as €3/month (Germany) to £100/month (UK) and so many different service options I am drowning!

Advice, comments, emotional support welcome ...

Regards, Mike
Mike Maughan

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