[thelist] layout check WAS "golden ratio" (WAS: 1.61)

Alex Beston alex at deltatraffic.co.uk
Mon Dec 6 16:26:35 CST 2004


> Yes, meaning that your golden-ratio idea is not being used. 
> Fixed-width layouts are quite popular these days, but they have their 
> own pros and cons (just not as many cons as your golden-ratio layout 
> would have) - but that's a topic for another discussion altogether.
ok here goes:


those celltexts are 1:1.33 which is a familar ratio (its the same ratio 
as space made by the plastic frame within which you currently staring ). 
I have it from good sources that golden ratios dont work on computer 
screens. for various reasons.

so what about those proportions? the gaps & menu are 30 px and the 
celltexts are 210px widths. the footer was a problem: i tried 80px. the 
banner is 140.

theres a little fashion now for 7 (or is it 8 or 9?)  px borders which 
could be incorporated.

 (sorry couldnt find many examples - but try these:
perhaps someone could example some others?

ok so this is an index page and when a nav item is pressed it goes to a 
slightly different layout. probably with scrolling on the main scroll 
bar. i think i will forget the overflow: auto stuff.

I think  i might squeeze the height of the celltexts and make an overall 
height of 560 perhaps. I cant see how it can get any smaller.

this aspect ratio: 790 x 590 = 1:1.27

golden mean: 1:1.61

monitor screens: 1:1.33

browser chrome: approx160px vertical about 14px horizontal. maximised 
(F11)  approx 27px

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