[thelist] Tips for creating storyboards / mock-ups

Tim Burgan email at timburgan.com
Mon Dec 6 21:52:51 CST 2004


Everyone goes about storyboarding and creating (Photoshop) mock-ups in 
slightly different ways. I'd like to compile a list of tips and 
"secrets" to creating great mock-ups the accurately reflect the look of 
the final product.

Please reply to this post with your tip.. and when posting seems to have 
finished I will compile the tips into a checklist type format and post 
it to this topic for all [thelist] members to easily refer to. Any 
category of tip relating to mock-ups is most welcome. For example: 
fonts, images, resolution, bit-depth, image size, graphical widgets, 
file exporting, etc. ANYTHING.

My Tip:
Create a screenshot of the browser "chrome" at the resolution most 
suited to the current project, so you know your design constraints and 
your client can visualise the finished product easily.



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