[thelist] Advice on video editing

Robert Gormley robert at pennyonthesidewalk.com
Tue Dec 7 09:00:52 CST 2004

>    First, software. She's seen reviews for Pinnacle Studio 9, 
> ULead VideoStudio 8, and Roxio Easy Media Creator 7. Anyone 

I detest Ulead... It tries to oversimplify things and just makes them more

> had experience with these, and can recommend them? Or any 
> other recommendations?

Adobe Premiere is the shit. :) Maybe they have a LE.

>    Also, neither of us are certain about connection the 
> camera to the PC. I did a little reading on "Firewire", which 
> my sister saw referenced somewhere, and also on MemoryStick 
> technology, which Sony mentions on its product description 
> for the camera. Are either/both of these technologies 
> involved in interfacing the camera and the PC? Probably the 
> PC doesn't have an interface for either of them already, so 
> I'm assuming that a card of some sort will have to be bought 
> for whatever technology the camera requires?

Firewire, ideal. Memory stick? Still images, and very small videos. Most
Sony cams also offer USB streaming, if you're running something newer than
98. But because of the limited bandwidth, firewire is still much, much


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