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D. Bruce Saurer g1notami at zoominternet.net
Tue Dec 7 09:41:45 CST 2004

Brooking, John said the following:
> The situation is that her
> husband owns a Sony Digital Handycam and a Dell 4600 Series, but he's
> not a video professional, so I'm assuming this will be mostly for home
> use.

Assuming it's a DV camera, NLE software and a 1394 port on the PC is
all you'll need. If the camera doesn't have 1394 out you'll need an
analog-to DV converter.


>    First, software. She's seen reviews for Pinnacle Studio 9, ULead
> VideoStudio 8, and Roxio Easy Media Creator 7. Anyone had experience
> with these, and can recommend them? Or any other recommendations?

Best Bang4Buck in the entry level NLE choice is Sony's Vegas Movie 


• Capture/edit/encode/output all included
• multiple formats on the timeline
• great audio tools
• basic compositing/picture in picture/effects/transitions
• pan and scan still images

>    Also, neither of us are certain about connection the camera to the
> PC. I did a little reading on "Firewire", which my sister saw referenced
> somewhere, and also on MemoryStick technology, which Sony mentions on
> its product description for the camera. Are either/both of these
> technologies involved in interfacing the camera and the PC? Probably the
> PC doesn't have an interface for either of them already, so I'm assuming
> that a card of some sort will have to be bought for whatever technology
> the camera requires?

Firewire (1394a) is standard for tranfering DV
MemoryStick is generlly for still images
If the PC doesn't have a 1394 port you can add one via PCI
Best to stick with a Texas Instruments Chipset


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