[thelist] Advice on video editing

john at johnallsopp.co.uk john at johnallsopp.co.uk
Tue Dec 7 11:16:24 CST 2004

> This is not really a recommendation, but I personally use Kino on
> Debian
> GNU/Linux.

I was going to ask if anyone minds if we extend this discussion to
include Linux. I'm about to require similar functionality on my Red
Hat 9. Any favourites? Simply, I'll be reading MiniDV in, want to edit
it, and then publish on the web (I haven't worked out how I'm going to
do that yet, but wasn't there a thread on it not so long ago .. I'll
check the archives).

Virtual Dub used to do everything I required in Windows
<http://www.virtualdub.org/> but now I need a little more, and I'm not
running Windows.

Nor is that a particular recommendation for a gift in response to the
original question, since it's freely downloadable.


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