[thelist] Advice on video editing

Javed Alam jalam at cc.ysu.edu
Tue Dec 7 11:49:34 CST 2004


You need a firewire cable to connect the dv cam to the PC. If Dell does 
not have a firewire port then you need to install one in the pc.

As far as software goes most of the software you mentioned will work. 
You may also like to look at:




Brooking, John wrote:

>Hi, all,
>   Hope this isn't off-topic. (Video editing produces output that can be
>posted to websites, eh? ;-) ) My sister is interested in getting some
>video editing software for her husband for Christmas, and asked me for
>some advice because I "know about computers". Of course, I know nothing
>about video editing; I don't even own a camcorder. So I thought maybe
>some here might have some quick thoughts. The situation is that her
>husband owns a Sony Digital Handycam and a Dell 4600 Series, but he's
>not a video professional, so I'm assuming this will be mostly for home
>   First, software. She's seen reviews for Pinnacle Studio 9, ULead
>VideoStudio 8, and Roxio Easy Media Creator 7. Anyone had experience
>with these, and can recommend them? Or any other recommendations?
>   Also, neither of us are certain about connection the camera to the
>PC. I did a little reading on "Firewire", which my sister saw referenced
>somewhere, and also on MemoryStick technology, which Sony mentions on
>its product description for the camera. Are either/both of these
>technologies involved in interfacing the camera and the PC? Probably the
>PC doesn't have an interface for either of them already, so I'm assuming
>that a card of some sort will have to be bought for whatever technology
>the camera requires?
>   Thanks for any advice.
>- John



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