[thelist] getting rid of the quote builder

Alex Beston alex at deltatraffic.co.uk
Wed Dec 8 09:57:57 CST 2004

 hiya evolt

im thinking about ditching the quote builder on my site and replacing 
with a rate card - something from another age i admit - where you put 
your rates for different things:


(x)html template  building - £x / hr

data entry - £x / hr

content updates - £x / hr


and a menu ( looking for a better word here ) for things we can do with 
a rough idea of the number of hours taken


template - 5 to 20 hrs
set up a search facility - 4 hrs
wireframe mockups - 2 - 10hrs
identity - 3 - 10 hrs
and so on.

In the few months the builder was up not one single enquiry came off it! 
why? basically people were either trying to get a gauge of how much 
these things cost and merrily going onto someone cheaper. or. the 
contractors themselves wondering how much to charge themselves.

anyway, googling for design quote at the time I was writing the thing I 
discovered that NO-ONE was doing a quote builder. and I thought I would 
try out why this was. I reckon design houses avoid giving out prices for 
things because it stops any conversation & human touch. its rather 
impersonal and youre warming the potential clients up for someone else. 
I believe ASWELL that ive lost business as a result of having the 
bloomin thing up.

If anyone wants to look at it i think i will keep it in place but NOT 
advertised directly on the site.

so dont go to the site in a few weeks hoping to try it out - youll have 
to try it from this link: http://www.deltatraffic.co.uk/web-design-quote.php


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