[thelist] Fax Server Recommendations

James Hardy evolt at weeb.biz
Wed Dec 8 09:58:31 CST 2004

Mike Carlson wrote:
> I am looking for recommendations for a Fax Server similar to WinFax. A stand alone Fax server with a client piece that allows them to "Print To Fax". I dont need email integration or anything that extends Exchange or Notes to provide fax capabilities.
> WinFax is the candidate in the running but I need to see if there is anything else out there. Also, the software needs to be able to support generic modems and not require dedicated fax boards like Brooktrouts or Dialogic.
> Thanks,
> --Mike

I looked into this for my last company, so here are two of the options 
we looked at. For windows there is a server from microsoft that is 
available as part of the Small Business Server, that is what we ended up 
using and it was ... OK. As far as I know it is not available seperately.

For Linux there is HylaFax which I have heard good things about though 
never used, this does have print driver clients available for windows so 
  should be ok.

Both can also be used to receive faxes (they convert to TIFFS or similar 
and either store them in a directory on a server or email them to a 
specific address) if that is a required feature.


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