[thelist] getting rid of the quote builder

Brian Cummiskey Brian at hondaswap.com
Wed Dec 8 10:27:06 CST 2004

Alex Beston wrote:
> hiya evolt
> im thinking about ditching the quote builder on my site and replacing 
> with a rate card - something from another age i admit - where you put 
> your rates for different things:

> http://www.deltatraffic.co.uk/web-design-quote.php


Looking at the above link from a "computer-dumb" point of view, I 
wouldn't even know what to fill in.

pages?  "i just want 1 webpage."  we developers think page, non-savy 
think page = the website
Standards compliant template? what is that?
Illustration? I want a webpage, not a painting
Animation? I want a webpage not a cartoon
Copywriting? I want a webpage, not a copyright
hosting?  what's hosting?

and i can go on through the rest of the list just the same.

the idea is great-  hell, progressive.com and all the other major can 
insurance companies here in the states have it and instant buying.
The problem, is that everyone knows what liability, collision, and theft 
are.  at least i would hope so if they are looking for insurance.  I 
can't say the same however for Joe P. Businessowner about the web. 
Playing both support guy and developer guy at my small firm, it amazes 
me everyday the questions i get asked by PhD's in business about the 
most basic of windows/office, etc.  If i asked them if they wanted a 
standards compliant animated and illustrated webpage, they'd look at me 
like i was on drugs with a very confused look.

On the other hand, In my free-lance-professional side of things, I think 
its a bad idea for a small company to do such a thing as even post 
rates, especialyl for something that is so custom done.

Perhaps, at most, a "Complete websites from $99.  Free Consultation!" or 
whatever would be more appropriate.

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