[thelist] CSS Problem

Gina Anderson gina at sitediva.com
Wed Dec 8 11:00:19 CST 2004

I've got a CSS problem I can't figure out, and I'm having a hard time
finding anything on google or CSS reference, because I can't find an example
for what I need to do. What I want is the class "sidetitle" to a different
color in two separate divs that share the same class. Below is the code. In
the div with the class "links1", I want all the sidetitle classes to be
white. In div with class "links2", I want all the sidetitle classes to be

<div id="links1">
	<div class="sidetitle">Archives</div>
	<div class="side">
		December 2004<br />
		November 2004


<div id="links2">
	<div class="sidetitle">Categories</div>
	<div class="side">
		Funny Stuff<br>

How to do? I figure there's some syntax problem I'm having, or...it's
impossible. Can someone help?


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