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Wed Dec 8 11:03:27 CST 2004

Great tool for in house use......can I steal it? just kidding!

putting up pricing is problematic. As you have discovered and most of the
other folks have been there and done that, there is always someone who will
do it for less.

This is the worst business to play bidding wars.

Even today there are a lot of folks who have no idea or desire to learn
anymore than website and price. Images, downloads, compliance to standards
are a foreign language.  This is good for the geek factor, but is bad for
the bottom line.

We are literally explaining color to the blind. Your selling proposition is
simple. What is the benefit to the business owner? What can you demonstrate
to the owner in terms of return on investment? Regardless of what you might
feel about pixel mechanics as a calling, becoming a captain of industry, an
independant businessperson, or as someone who does not play with others and
runs with scissors, a website starts out as a brochure to enable the owner
to sell more stuff which pays your bills.

They already know that you are offering money for stuff, in this case web
sites. The money for you comes out of their advertising budget. My personal
favorite is the yellow page ad. This is the highest cost item that a
business has on a reoccuring basis. yes you need a phone number, but do you
really need to spend a grand a month on a ad that has a limited geographic
impact, where the same money spent on a website can give you a worldwide

You can also stress that the material that you create can also be used in
mail campaigns as well. Images can be formatted to be print ready for
business cards, stationary, decals, posters, mousepads, t-shirts........

Business wants solutions to problems, to make more money, to buy websites:)

the head lemur

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