[thelist] How to Talk Down to the Client (WAS: getting rid of the quote builder)

patrick evolt at stoutstreet.com
Wed Dec 8 11:57:22 CST 2004

Jeniffer C. Johnson wrote:
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> I have two questions. One, just how does one handle talking down to a
> general audience? I'm VERY good one-on-one with the clients once I'm talking
> directly with them. I'm good at getting a feel for how much I can joke with
> them, and I can quickly feel out how much/little detail they want to be
> provided with in regards to what I'm actually doing. Some want me to explain
> all the technical stuff in terms they can understand and process, others
> just want me to work my "magic" and present them with the finished product.
> But how does one best handle this sort of dumbing-down to a general
> audience, where the voice needs to be a bit more formal?

You could try a tech explanation/description first, then an aside like
'in human language, this means...'

patrick sanders
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