[thelist] How to Talk Down to the Client (WAS: getting rid of the quote builder)

Alex Beston alex at deltatraffic.co.uk
Wed Dec 8 12:52:40 CST 2004

 how to talk DOWN to the client?

Are you serious? I never do that. I just suggest ways to get to their 
goal. If it turns out that a website is unfeasible for them

for some reasons like

* cant afford the complete system ( whats the point of having a 5 pager 
if you have a catalogue? )

* they are a corner shop

* they cant operate email ( - if they have a fax machine they can always 
use .int eg http://www.tpc.int/)

* dont know how to use a computer, open programs, input / format / edt, 
save documents

* cant afford to pay some to do it for them

I would politely inform them of this and tell them that to go ahead 
would be a bad idea and charge them as a result. whether I would see any 
money having consulted for them is another matter.

I have a client who is so conversant with all technology except for 
computers so it would never even enter my mind to treat him like a 
someone worth of talking down to.

so you treat your clients like children? they must like it or something.

what are you getting at?

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