[thelist] phpadsnew problem or a gif problem?

Paul Bennett Paul.Bennett at eyede.com
Wed Dec 8 13:48:11 CST 2004

Firefox gives this message when I go to (right click) > properties for 
either image.

"The image “http://www.hondaswap.com/ads/banners/dcsports.gif” cannot be 
displayed, because it contains errors"

there must be some kind of corruption in the image even though it 
renders ok in the browser?

Maybe try opening in an image editor and re-saving???
Just a guess...

Paul B

Brian Cummiskey wrote:

> I'm having the most random problem.
> I've been using an old version of phpadsnew for probably 2 or 3 years 
> now. love it. works like a charm, and i can't stand the new version.
> I just picked up a new advertiser, and for some reason, no matter what 
> i do, i cannot get their banners to work.
> i've uploaded them fine, in binary, but whenever i include them into a 
> zone, the entire zone fails. no ads at all even come up for the zone 
> when these two are included as a part of that zone.
> I've tried adding them to existing capmaigns, new campaigns, 
> additional banenrs on an old campaign, and just about every combo i 
> could come up with to no avail.
> the 2 banners are here:
> http://www.hondaswap.com/ads/banners/dcsports.gif
> http://www.hondaswap.com/ads/banners/aemhs.gif
> they both open fine for me in firefox/ie, so i assume they are ok.
> Can anyone offer any insight as to why the zone fails when i add these 
> two images?
> Aside from the 96dpi, i can't see another odd about them.

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