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Jeniffer C. Johnson lead at offlead.com
Wed Dec 8 16:31:51 CST 2004

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> Only stupid people talk "down" to anyone, even
> children deserve better than "down" ("dumb downed")
> talking. I even object to all forms of "baby talk" goo
> goo ga ga crap, it's discredited by child
> psychologists.

Uncle! Uncle! :-) My apologies, to everyone, for my poor choice of words in
my original post. I did not in any way mean anything bad or degrading about
my clients or anyone else's. It was a poor choice indeed on my part to use
this particular phrase. 

My first question was simply trying to see how others handle communicating
on their websites just what it is they do, what services they offer, without
confusing potential clients with too much detail AND without offending or
boring them by speaking too plainly or explaining too much. That's all! 

The second part of my post was along the lines of wondering aloud how many
clients out there really need a lot of extremely basic assistance, and how
other developers/designers feel about working with this sort of client. I
happen to enjoy providing this detailed level of support. But a few of my
clients have begun relying on me for more and more technical support,
sometimes well outside the scope of web development. I've been pondering
just how to structure a definition of my services for my site and where I'll
personally draw the line on what I'll do. (Or if I should hire someone who's
better with networking and hardware issues, and branch out a bit. *G*) 


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