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uh.. no, I did NOT say that anyone should "shut up". I suggested refocusing.


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> Chris Hardy wrote a very smart reply to this topic.
> I forgot the important point brought out in Hardy's
> message: if the client isn't all that interested in
> the "how" and just wants to hear about the results and 
> benefits, shut up. 
> You can sense that you've lost someone due to their
> disinterest in technical details vs. lost because
> while they want to follow, they've stumbled over some
> lack in their knowledge.
> I failed to mention this aspect, and feel "dumb" now.
> Jennifer, you started one of the most interesting
> threads I've ever seen, of course, because I'm a
> content writer.
> Sorry if it seemed I was attacking your word choice. I
> don't like "dumbing down", and I hate it when web
> designers think users are stupid or uneducated, when
> the truth is that usability and clarity are important
> due to users, of all skills levels, being in a hurry.
> Or being tired and the coffee's not keeping them
> awake.
> I like this thread so much, I just finished an article
> on it for my Vaspers the Grate usability blog.
> Thanks for the topic idea.
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