[thelist] CSS Problem

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Wed Dec 8 20:39:34 CST 2004

Message from Gina Anderson (12/8/2004 01:23 PM)
> >>Try this:
> >>div#links1 div.sidetitle { color: white; }
> >>div#links2 div.sidetitle { color: blue; }
>That works! Thanks, Sarah! :) I was trying div#links1.sidetitle, I was
>missing that space and the extra div.

The selectoracle (see tip) is great for figuring these things out. If you 
pop your selector in it says
"Selects any div element with an id attribute that equals links1 and a 
class attribute that contains the word sidetitle"

Which immediately clues you in that your syntax is off. ;-)

<tip type="CSS selectors demystified">
The selectoracle translates any CSS selector to plain, eas-to-understand 
English (or Spanish)


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