[thelist] CSS pseudo element :before

Antonio - poste.it antonio.angelo at poste.it
Thu Dec 9 05:27:35 CST 2004

Hi all!

How can I specify to add-before a mapped character or a numeric entity?
I tried both definitions:

.info_1:before {
  content: ">";
.info_2:before {
  content: ">";
<div class = "info_1">RED</div>
<div class = "info_2">BLUE</div>

With Firefox 1.0, the former displays the string &gt; before my text, while
the latter works ok.
Two questions:
1. Do I really need to specify entities or I can use the character itself
(e.g. >)?
2. How can I specify a numeric entity? (e.g. &#169; or another hard-to-type

Antonio Angelo

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