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Peter Brunone (EasyListBox.com) peter at easylistbox.com
Thu Dec 9 12:18:47 CST 2004

   If you're considering DNN, don't forget to take a look at Rainbow first.  Go to http://learnasp.com and choose Rainbow from the dropdown on the left; there's a good bit of information there ( http://learnasp.com/chaz is his own Rainbow-built personal site).

 From: "Jerry Russell" jerry at adhdfamilies.net

For my money I'd go with DotNetNuke. It's free, scalable and pretty
powerful. IBuySpy is the original implementation of a .NET portal, and
is a bit stale now.

Jerry Russell - Technology Director & Sales
Machine World Incorporated

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Not sure what your requirements are, but you could check out Andromeda
Robert Vreeland
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From: "Fortune Elkins" 
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Subject: [thelist] Portal architectures

ok, so I've been asked to look at a few for a window environment and
with asp.net development. Sharepoint -- expensive, and maybe overkill
for an office of about 300 people.

I was thinking asp.net nuke, but then I heard of one I don't know very
much about -- iBuySpy? Any others I should be researching? ASP.NET

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